"Exquisite Gemstone designs coupled with a personalized service, and quick responses upon requests.  I will be recommending Twelve Gems to all my family, friends and colleagues. I came across other similar sites but they didn't offer the expertise that Twelve Gems did, a truly welcomed exchange in ordering a very personal item for myself. Thank you!"

Ruby Mughal

“Amazing product, very nice finish, the band the gem.... 10/10 would buy again!”

“I bought the “Elegant Emerald Gem” online, and with the help of the extremely friendly customer service i was able to get what i wanted. The gemstone itself looked much better than i expected to be honest, but the silver band was not quite the same, but the quality is still there! Would order again!”

Omar Al Suwaidi

"Thank you so much for the Yemeni aqeeq ring. I have been looking for one online for a while but didn't a ring that could be worn for women except on this site. Not only did it ship fast but also the quality is amazing and much better than I expected. The customer support is very supportive and willing to help out. All that I can really say is May Allah bless you. "

Aya Taraf

“The quality of the ring I received was truly amazing. The ring looks and feels pretty sturdy and solid.

The recipient of the ring, my father, also appreciated the design of the ring and the overall feel. The weight and the look of the ring were exactly what would be expected from such a ring.”

Syed Ahmed


"I loved the customer serviced provided, and their willingness to answer my questions and get exactly what I needed. I purchased two turquoise rings and I love them. I highly recommend them.
May Allah grant you guys success.
Thanks again!"

Patricia Capitaine

"My experience with twelve gems was such an excellent one. I contacted them multiple times to customize what I wanted. Everything went well and I got my rings with a reasonable price on time. I highly recommend Twelve Gems for purchasing high quality Islamic rings.”

Abduljaleel Rabiei


“The initial ring I had intended to buy was actually sold out. The initial ring I was interested in had a beautiful round sapphire in the center, 12 smaller sapphires going around the main stone and a piece of emerald and yellow sapphire on either side of the ring.  Twelve Gems immediately informed me and gave me a few options. The first option was to create something similar to it. The second option was to make something entirely unique with higher quality stones and silver. I decided to go with the second option and Twelve Gems started the project in a timely fashion. They updated me on every step and anything they ran into. The service was a true pleasure. It made me very happy to see a well-run online site with excellent customer service. Twelve Gems really puts in the effort and you see it very clearly through the fantastic customer service. 

About 20 days later Twelve Gems sent me pictures of the finished product. A large ring with an oval shape, high quality untreated African sapphire, 16 smaller sapphires around the main stone, an emerald on either side of the ring. The silver band was .999 B It is a very comfortable ring to wear and shines very clean and bright. I’m constantly getting compliments from people who notice it. Muslims and Non-Muslims alike. People love it more when I tell them it was hand made because the craftsmanship is truly superb. The ring completely captures my energy. It radiates purity and nobility. Definitely a ring to pass down to a younger generation. This was my first custom project with Twelve Gems and I look forward to working with them in the future on special projects like this one. A special thanks to everyone involved in the process of making this ring. Thank you very much. “

Mohammed Rasoul